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I decided I needed an outlet for my love of jewelry so here I am writing about it.

UPDATE! I officially launched my first (small) collection in September! Check out my First Flight Collection to see it!

I really am obsessed with jewelry. Gold jewelry. I also love mixed metal pieces. I like the contrast of my wedding band which has a platinum band with a gold bar diamond setting. And I still have a nice silver collection as well. That being said, I am mostly obsessed with rings. While talking with friends one time I remember saying, “I think I like rings because you look at them all the time!” Such a genius concept. But I can’t sit around and look at my earrings or necklace without a mirror. And contrary to what people might think, I’m not a vain person. I’m typically only using a mirror at work to check my teeth.

My love of jewelry comes from my mother. She always had on her jewelry and of course I mostly remember the rings. Gold diamond rings. And they were stunning. Her tastes have changed over the years and mine have, too. I like to think they’ve matured and followed what’s on trend but also kept with my simple love of what different pieces represent. Maybe a birthday or an anniversary or even a death. Yes, you read that correctly. But I like looking at something and it bringing back a memory or meaning. I wear my grandmother’s cross when I need a little extra help from above on certain days. I wear my mom’s wedding band because it had such meaning (even though the ‘rents are divorced). To me, jewelry represents something more than fashion. Although I must admit, to me it is also my form of fashion. Growing up at the beach, I’m a jeans and flip flops girl. But I always have on my jewelry. Even if I’m in sweatpants and refusing to leave the house on the weekend. And you can bet that I chose my jewelry first no matter what day of the week it is.

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I am also a self proclaimed sparkle addict, adore my three fur babies more than my husband (just kidding….most days) and love a glass of rose, bubbles or a dirty martini. But I do NOT like olives. Go figure.

Sparkle on,
Mary Green

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