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I have had a passion for jewelry since before I can remember. It’s my form of a fashion statement. Clothes are necessary for obvious reasons. Jewelry is necessary for so much more. Most days, I choose my jewelry before my OOTD. Designing jewelry is an amazing way to bring together different elements to complement each other. It’s my opportunity to mix colors, shapes, textures and metals.

Do you love meaningful jewelry that mixes earthy elements with a little sparkle? How about pieces that make a statement on their own? Then you’ve landed in the right place! But I’m sure it wasn’t by accident. I believe things happen for a reason and therefore you are supposed to be here. I want to drape in you jewels that you can wear on any occasion because I believe every day is a good day to wear jewelry that makes you feel like you have just heard your favorite song. I want to mark life’s special moments with a piece from GOLD by Green that you love. I want to be a part of your fashion statement EVERY DAY.


In the fall of 2018, I officially launched my first (very small) collection. Check out my First Flight Collection! I never knew I wanted to design jewelry but I knew I wanted to start my own online business and this is what it came to be. I love choosing stones and mixing and matching them based on meaning, colors, and shapes. And of course it’s really exciting to run into someone who is wearing a piece of jewelry that I created!

Mary GreenOne of my favorite things to do is listen to music and see bands live. It invokes a feeling of pure happiness that is light and airy. THAT is how I want you to feel when you wear my jewelry; like your favorite song just hit you square in the middle of your soul and you could dance all night long.

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