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Mary Green is the founder and creative designer behind GOLD by Green. 

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Sam Necklace with Green Amethyst and Opal

Tucson: My First Trip! Won't Be My Last....

Tucson: My First Trip! Won't Be My Last....

I finally did it. I went to Tucson. Ironically, I have only been dreaming about going for about three years so that's pretty good when I think about it! I... Read More

The End of Another Summer

So, routines. I think back to school is a good time to clean and purge as well. This helps me feel lighter. These days, clutter makes my anxiety rear its ugly head. Just ask my husband. I recently bought a roomba to help with the fur balls and cat litter that is literally all over the house. I like clean counters and tables in our kitchen and living area. Therefore, it should be no surprise that I also like clean JEWELS.
The End of Another Summer
Amethyst For Nerve Pain

Amethyst For Nerve Pain

I have NEVER read that amethyst aids in nerve disorders. NEVER. But as I write this I wonder, did I just miss it because I have never dealt with it? I don’t know but either way, the universe had a message for me and I was picking it up! I had to buy this little book.