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Trae Ring in Sterling Silver

Designer: GOLD by Green

$112.00 $160.00
Sterling Silver

The Trae Ring was made for stacking! This ring was named after an unexpected bundle of joy who proves that one is good, two is great but three is best! 

Lemon Quartz is a stone of fortune and good luck! This stone reminds us to be thankful and count the blessings bestowed on us. It sets us up to accept new opportunities. It helps one to set and maintain clear emotional boundaries. It is uplifting and fulfilling and enhances one’s insight and broadens personal horizons.

Amethyst awakens the higher consciousness, strengthens the imagination and intuition and attracts positive energy. It’s a natural stress reliever and eliminates impatience.

Green Amethyst awakens the heart to the frequency of love. It’s a strong amplifier of energy and encourages one to be unique and fabulous!

Rainbow/Mystic Topaz deflects negativity, strengthens faith, inspires creativity and releases burdensome emotions. Amen to that!

Blue Topaz represents loyalty and love, calms emotions, and helps brings about honesty and clarity of feelings.

Custom orders for this ring are available! If you’d like a special stone or need a different size please send me a message for a quote. This may take up to 4 weeks at minimum. Sale price does not apply.