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Mary Green has been dreaming about jewelry most of if not all of her life. She gets her jewelry inspiration from her mother. She remembers her mother’s jewels when she was growing up. Mary’s first piece of jewelry was a baby signet ring. She remembers the small gold ring engraved with an M and she still remembers the heart ache when she lost it at the roller skating rink.

Growing up she made the same jewelry kids make when they are young. Friendship bracelets, cardboard earrings and pieces with beads. At the same time though she was wearing gold gemstone pieces and mixing those with sterling silver pieces. She has never been without her jewelry.

Today, Mary believes jewelry marks life’s special occasions. That pieces create a special memory and marks that moment in time. It creates a connection.

Mary is not a trained artist. She feels she is a creator and designer. Her designs are drawn from inspiration that she gets from gemstones, metals and colors. Her passion comes from seeing others wear something she designed. Again, she lives for the connection that is made through jewelry.

Pieces made at GOLD by Green are made with intention and meaning. Stones have meaning and healing properties. Mary has experienced a lot of pain through a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and lower back issues and surgery. She uses her jewels – both personal collection and created by her for her collections – to help her through her daily journeys. These are the reasons she is drawn to both moonstone and labradorite and uses those in many of her designs. Her birthstone is amethyst and she has always loved the royal purple and lavender color of the stone. She also incorporates it into many designs along with green amethyst. She believes in jewelry with meaning.

Mary likes to travel and enjoy the different views the ocean and waterways have to offer around the world. Growing up at the beach and being a Pisces she has come to realize she always has to be close to the water. She spent a few years on the coasts of northern and southern California before moving back home to the east coast. One of her favorite things to do is to relax on the beach or with her cats while listening to music.

Mary also loves a little sparkle, a glass of rose, bubbles or a dirty martini. Her three fur kids make up the GOLD by Green creative team. They do quality control and design. They aren’t cheap labor but they are really good at what they do.