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Rita Anklet in Silver Plate

Designer: GOLD by Green

Silver Plated

The Rita Anklet is a spin off of the Carlie Bracelet that came from the need for me to make something during the time of being quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 15 years ago I used to make beaded jewelry all the time. I made my bridesmaids their gifts - necklaces to wear the day of my wedding. I really enjoyed it at the time.

I figured that this was something I could make for fun while I wasn't feeling creative. Like, at all. Finally I had something to keep me a little busy! This piece is named after one of my dearest friends, Rita! We were discussing me making a Carlie Bracelet for her and I mentioned making an anklet for someone else and she said, "Oh maybe that is what I should get instead." I told her I was planning to name them after her anyway; she commented back then it was a done deal - an anklet for her!

If you would like a mix of stones send me a message!

These are made to order so they typically ship in 3-5 days. Large orders may take up to 2 weeks.