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MJ2 Men's Lava Bracelets

Designer: GOLD by Green

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Finally something for the guys! These Lava Stone Bracelets are keeping the beach season alive year-round! They are named after my three fav' guy nurses, Michael, Jason and Jay. Have you thanked a nurse today!?

Lava Stone is grounding and gives stability through times of change. Talk about perfect timing for these! Pandemic anyone?

Lapis encourages self-awareness and creativity and strengthens the mind. 

Howlite is a guardian stone that brings stillness and an open mind.

African Turquoise (jasper) encourages acceptance while providing balance and confidence. 

I feel that these qualities are all very important in our nurses! Thanks for all they have done, are doing and continue to do during this unprecedented time.  

These can be made for the ladies, too, just contact me! 

These bracelets are made to order and typically ship within 3-4 days.