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Cat Pendant in Sterling Silver

Designer: GOLD by Green


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This sterling silver pendant was made for my OG cat! He is the original ginger. We rescued him when we moved home from California and he's been living the good life ever since! We refer to him at the vet as James but his real name is Wooby James. He's as sweet as he looks. These pendants were made as a way to give back to a local rescue as well. A portion of the profits will be donated to Whimsical Animal Rescue/Sussex County Animal Association. While Wooby wasn't rescued from them, I have rescued three other cats from them. I want to help them make a difference to animals who are left behind or have no home. I hope you will help, too! I have included a family portrait of all three of my cats as well for your enjoyment. From L to R: Patches Buford Royal, Wooby James, The McGruber.

PLEASE NOTE: Chain is not included in purchase.