GOLD by Green Jewelry

three ringsGreetings and welcome to my first collection! The stones that I have used for this first collection have been chosen because for some reason or another I was attracted to them. Whether it was color or shape, they drew me in. Some of the designs came first and some of the stones came first and I designed around them! This first collection was a total learning experience. I’m still never really sure of what I’m doing but I’m having fun making jewelry that people are responding to. Some of these stones feel really earthy like the agate and turquoise pieces and a few of the other pieces feel like space like the moonstone and golden rutilated quartz that makes me think of the sun’s rays. Every piece either includes the color green or a pear shaped stone. Those are my chosen aesthetics to share with you. I hope you enjoy!

Welcome to the
First Flight Collection!


This necklace features a pear center stone with 2 pear side stones chosen to accent the center stone. Available in either sterling silver or 18kt micron gold. Named after a great friend who listened a lot and gave really good advice.

moss agate disc necklace
moonstone disc necklaces
moss agate disc necklace

These earrings feature a matching top stone to the Sam necklace; that is if you like a set. They are also pretty gorgeous on their own. The pear stone that dangles below also matches the side stones on the necklace. Available in either sterling silver or 18kt micron gold. Named after my husband; who always says he loves a set.

moss agate earrings
moonstone earrings
rutilated quartz earrings

These three stone rings feature a center stone of fluorite. This is accented by

either amethyst or green amethyst above and below. Available in either
sterling silver or 18kt micron gold. Named after someone we lost who kick started this little thing called GOLD by Green. And funny how the universe works that I was sent another Thomas to work with on this project.

fluorite and amethyst ring gold

fluorite and amethyst ring silver

flourite and green amethyst ring


I made these because I was drawn to the stones. I love mixing and matching shapes and colors. Just remember there’s only one each! Okay well actually there are two pairs of the moonstone and green amethyst earrings…lucky you!