The Specht Family Jewels Part 1

My mom has two sisters, one older and one younger. A few months ago they were together in Florida and I thought it would be fun to sort of interview them together to see where their jewelry inspiration came from when they were growing since we all spent time together when I was growing up. The oldest sister, Aunt Janice even made and sold her own jewelry so it was fun to play in her studio when I’d visit during the summer. Clearly, this jewelry thing is in my blood.

Each of the sisters was given a small diamond ring when they turned 16. The younger sister, Aunt Marianne aka Aunt Merk (don’t ask me where it came from because all I can remember is that my Pap called her Muzzy) was here recently and mentioned that to me. I said yes! My mom gave me hers when I turned 16! It’s a small rose gold ring with three tiny diamonds and my guess is they are old mine cut but I’m not sure. As much as I play one in my tool shed, I am no diamond expert!


Aunt Merk, Aunt Janice, Aunt Suzy (my mom)

I started thinking about being around them during summers and holidays and what jewelry did I remember? Mainly I remember a three stone diamond ring my Aunt Janice had made that I think was her wedding ring when she married her second husband when I was in about 5th grade. I still remember the wedding in the back yard of her house in Pittsburgh!

Aunt Merk was the only one to respond to my interview questions so far so I’m sharing in this post. I’ll nail down the other two at some point….

  1. What was your 1st piece of jewelry?
    If you count the piece I dug out of Scotty Douthett’s sand box when I was still young enough to be playing in sand boxes then it is a little gold filigree ring with a purple AM 3 ringscenter stone and smaller clear stones around it. I still have it and wear it on a gold necklace.  If you count the first “real” piece purchased at a jewelry store then it would be my 16th birthday diamond ring. For each of our 16th birthdays Mother gave the sisters a ring purchased at Hazel Aupke’s Antique Jewelry Shop located in downtown Pittsburgh around the corner from the Joseph Horne Company department store. Your mother’s engagement ring came from Hazel’s as did mine. We both picked them out and bought them independent from our intended. But back to the 16th birthday ring, mine was gold with a small round center diamond and a diamond chip at angles on either side.  It now keeps company with the sandbox ring on the gold necklace along with a signet ring that was the bridesmaid’s gift from Aunt Janice’s first wedding.
  2. What is your favorite gemstone and why?
    That’s easy…diamonds…a girl’s best friend and my birthstone.
  3. Tell me about a piece a relative wore when you were growing up – why is it memorable?
    That would have to be Mother’s sapphire and diamond cocktail ring.  It came from Italy and she didn’t wear it very often which may have been part of its mystique.  It was originally set in platinum and the sapphire was set low surrounded by multiple rings of diamonds.  At some point she had it reset in white gold, raising the setting of the sapphire to better highlight it and circling it with only two rings of diamonds.  I AM sapphire ringhave to admit that I liked the original setting.  From the leftover diamonds along with some other pieces, Mother had the diamond pendant made that you wore for your wedding.  I think the idea was to have a third piece for the three sisters. There was Mother’s diamond ring which went to your mother. I got the sapphire ring and Aunt Janice got the pendant. Now how that came to be is a story.  I can remember sitting around the kitchen table at dinner talking about who was going to get what when people died. I was still pretty young but not so young that I didn’t notice sparkly jewelry and that I liked it. Of course I started in my sandbox days so I was experienced early on.  Anyway, the logic went that your mother and I should get the rings because we had prettier hands and Janice had short stubby Specht fingers. Looking back, that is just plain mean, but then this is the family that labeled the sisters Creative…Janice, Beautiful…your mother, and Smart…me. When you have braces and glasses and your big sister is beautiful and both sisters are really equally as smart, smart is the booby prize, like having stubby fingers. I digress, your mother wanted the big diamond, I wanted the sapphire and that is what happened.  Janice got the pendant. I guess her neck and décolletage were acceptable. Talk about family baggage!
  4. What is your current favorite piece and why?
    My current favorite piece, always subject to change, is a really fun necklace I got at AM necklaceFAB (Fabulous Arts Boutique) this year. I knew I wanted a funky necklace and had a couple options but this one really spoke to me because of its fashion theme and I love fashion. It is about the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. It is a charm necklace and there are multiple charms with pictures of him including a naughty nude and on the other sides are pictures of fashion models, also Paris themed charms and pretty beads and sparkles. It culminates in a vintage Yves Saint Laurent perfume bottle. Very cool.

This was actually really fun to put together and reminisce over. And yes their rationale over who should get what when my grandmother passed away makes total sense. I keep asking my mom for that diamond ring. The answer is always, a very firm, NO. Wearing the diamond pendant for my wedding was really a last minute decision! I am pretty sure I wore my Aunt Janice’s diamond earrings, too. Hard to believe I was NOT prepared with wedding jewelry! My dad was in Viet Nam when he asked his mother to send my mom money so she could buy her own engagement ring. Talk about getting exactly what you want!

I hope you enjoyed this little walk down memory lane with the Specht Family Jewels – hahaha! Where does your jewelry inspo come from?

Stay golden, like the sand in a sandbox!
Mary Green #goldbygreen


It’s Summer and I’m Feeling Lazy

So, it’s summer. And living at the beach, most of you know, means lots to do although I have to be honest I’m not doing it. Right now I am living for beach weekends and that is it. I don’t do much on “school nights” so I really have no excuse for not writing a blog post in a month! That is just bad for business! While I am marching ahead with the jewelry line I can’t think of something to write about. The line is really exciting so maybe my excuse can be I’ve been putting my focus there 😉 Although I have said before I have moments of real excitement and moments of pure panic. But hey I think that means I’m on the right path!

Picking out stones, drawing designs, working with my jeweler….waking in the middle of the night and not being able to sleep leading to my creative mind spinning out of control! Spinning in a really good way yet I just learned this week if I don’t write down blog ideas that come to me at 4 am then I may not remember them! Hence these completely scatter brained sentences I’m spitting out at the computer. I had two or three blog post ideas, two earring designs and two necklace designs come to me at some God awful hour this week. I was able to remember the jewelry luckily! Then I slowed down and thought let’s get through the pieces you have in the mix before thinking about making more!

Okay let’s talk about beach weekends. This is my new found zen zone. I have alwaysbeach loved beach days and we don’t have to drive very far to enjoy it and I am so thankful for that! Lately, I have found it’s my peaceful and happy place for REALZ. For someone who loves the beach and also loves jewelry I consider what I wear to the beach very carefully. Obviously, I don’t wear anything that isn’t real. And I only wear rings because necklaces or bracelets hanging or sticking to my sweaty self – EW. Salt water, sand, suntan lotion: all really bad for jewelry in general but really bad for jewelry that is plated which I wear a lot of. I’m pretty good at mixing real and plated and I bet a lot of people have no idea. However, my wedding bands are real so I typically wear some mix of them. And of course I enjoy looking at diamonds sparkle in the sun!

disc necklace

disc necklace2disc necklaces

In the meantime I’m trying to understand the process of casting a piece. Casting a mold means it can be used over and over to make the same piece multiple times like the three stone rings you have seen or the disc necklace coming soon. I’m also trying to understand the process of gold plating. I learned recently that gold plating over silver is called vermiel. Of course I have heard of vermiel but never realized it was plating over sterling silver. That is what I’m doing with my pieces since I can’t quite afford to make real gold pieces. YET PEOPLE! YET! GOALS! For now I really need to keep learning. I still have so much to learn!

Well, that’s it for now. I know not very exciting this time around but know things are moving forward and I appreciate you reading! More to come!

As always, stay green and enjoy the golden sunsets!
Mary Green #goldbygreen



GOLD by Green: Catch a 2nd Glimpse!

I’m excited at the response that my first sneak peek into GOLD by Green has received! Thank you all xo. We get a little more done each day! This fist collection will have some multiples (multiple pieces of same design) but also have some one of a kind pieces because I found a stone I loved and wanted to make something out of like the moss agate pendant I shared last week. I paired it with two green amethysts. Green amethyst’s real name is prasiolite. Amethyst is heated to create this lovely green gem. My birthstone is amethyst and my last name is green. It’s a total no brainer if you ask me!

As I started talking with my business coach, Heidi Lowe, about the first piece I wanted to make, she kept saying you have to figure out your aesthetic. This also gave me moments of panic. There are so many awesome designers in the world who make beautiful pieces of jewelry. WHY is someone going to want to buy something I made? How will I differentiate myself? I know what I like but how does that translate into making pieces that appeal to others? I mean, your friends and family can only be your customers for so long right? LOL! (Note subtle hint.)

I have always loved pear cut stones. I look in my jewelry box and I have pear cut rings, necklace pendants, bracelets, earrings, everything. If you read my post about how I chose my engagement ring, which you should if you haven’t as it will explain a lot about me (HA!), you know it all started with Jessica Simpson. I have read that for those shopping for engagement rings this cut, along with marquise cuts, are good for those looking to elongate the finger. I already have long, thin fingers. We call them Landon fingers – my dad’s side of the family all has them. Keep your nails short and they look even longer! (And your diamonds look bigger!) But still I am always drawn to that cut. I can’t explain it.

Here is where my aesthetic started to reveal itself to me. GREEN. PEARS. It’s ironic right because pears are green? (Can you hear ba dum bump in the background?!) This first line will have either one or both included in each piece: stones that are green or stones that are pear cut. The moss agate piece is one that has both.

My jeweler has told me I have a good eye for color. I’d like to think so! Pearing colors is just as fun as pearing stones. And no those are not typos! That being said here is another small glimpse into GOLD by Green. You can again see how BASIC my drawing skills are – HA! Never the less, I hope you enjoy!

Enjoy this day and stay PEAR GREEN!
Mary Green #goldbygreen


GOLD by Green: Your First Sneak Peek!

I started on this journey back in the late fall with a totally different plan. I was ready to start an online jewelry store. I made it very clear to my business coach that NO, I did NOT want to design my own jewelry. So we talked about the things I needed to do to get it going. We made lists, I defined my customer, I started noting lines I wanted to carry. I started checking some of the boxes. The one thing that kept giving me moments of panic was the need for a website. I knew enough from my 9-5 job to know that I didn’t know enough to create an e-commerce site. DEAR LORD!!! The thought of keeping inventory online, confirmation and shipping emails for purchases and printing shipping labels made my head spin. I talked with a web designer one evening about creating my site. We discussed me starting my blog site (thanks for reading by the way!) and then when I was ready, he could upgrade it to an e-commerce site. But there was a big shift that evening in my thinking. Within maybe an hour, my whole desire for this journey changed. I wanted to design my own pieces.

For some reason I started to think this was an easier route to take. Not that I was looking for the easy way out, but I thought I could dip my toes in the pool instead of diving right into the deep end by starting off with something smaller and more manageable for me. (Note the water example by the Pisces.) I was channeling Meg Ryan in the movie, The Women, which I LOVE. She plays Mary (so it’s often like they’re talking to me in that movie) and after her successful solo fashion show she admits to her best friend played by Annette Bening who brings a Nordstrom rep to see the show, she’d just like a small line carried in a few boutiques. Sorry, got a little side tracked there….

So literally, in the middle of the night with only the TV for light, I drew out about 10 – 15 pieces in my notebook. I even wrote out the guest list for the launch party. I LOVE to throw a good party! Yeah, yeah I know, cart, horse….whatever!

There was one hurdle I was going to have figure out if I went this route. I don’t make jewelry. Small problem. Well, maybe a little bigger than small. I kind of didn’t even know where to start. So, I reached out to a designer that I follow on Instagram and asked if I could just run some things by her that were swirling around my brain. She said SURE! Here is an example of just throwing it out there to the universe. We don’t even know each other except for IG and I think we have traded more messages about cats than jewelry – go figure! Thanks to Marie Pierre I was able to get over this hurdle. I told her I needed a freelance jeweler. Do they even exist? She gave me a name and I went out on a limb and sent him an email. I got a response the next day. It was unnerving but exciting! I’ll keep him under wraps for now. In the meantime, do check out Marie-Pierre’s work – it’s AWESOME! She makes all of her own pieces and they are gorg!

The next thing I know I just started buying stones for my pieces. It was super fun and I could be totally addicted to it! I was looking for certain stones in certain sizes which I was mostly successful at finding.

But then I just started seeing stones I liked. So I just started buying those, too! I figured once I got those, I’d figure out the design for it. And that was almost more fun! I’m kind of learning how to draw out designs. I put emphasis on kind of. I’m also learning that the devil is in the details! I’m definitely one of those people who starts to leave out half of an email because I think the end reader has heard the conversation I have already had in my head with said end reader. Moving forward I will begin to include more details in my drawings.

It’s really exciting to see something that you have created in some way, shape or form come to life. Here is a little sneak peek at what I’m working on.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s scary to throw your creations out there so
I hope you like it! Clearly, there will also be “silver by green” for my silver girls – lol! I am excited to show you the rest though soon. I applied for my business license yesterday! Onward and upward!

And as always, stay golden and stay GREEN!
Mary Green #goldbygreen


What is your crystal?

So, do any of you believe in the healing properties of gems and crystals? Back in the day I was totally into crystals as jewelry. I’m sure you’re shocked. There was a place in Rehoboth that you could buy a bag of dirt and basically sift through it and look for gems and crystals. It was set up as if you were really sifting through it in a real setting. I remember this trough like thing set up with water running down it to help you find any little thing that may have been hiding in there. It was like a treasure hunt – literally. If you found one, they’d wrap it for you as a pendant. This was the perfect activity for me – I loved it! I still have all of those crystals. Some are prettier than others. I even wrapped a few myself. Some aren’t bad. Some I look at and think it’s obvious I was about 12 at the time making pendants – lol! But regardless it was fun!

I’ve talked about wearing jewelry with special meaning (sorry probably ad nauseam at amethyst crystalsthis point!) but I also like the meaning of stones. Recently, when I wasn’t feeling great physically I kept thinking about an old amethyst crystal set in silver that I thought I should wear for some reason. I also have an amethyst crystal set in gold plate with citrine at the bottom. It’s not an ametrine, which is one stone with a mix of amethyst and citrine, it’s two separate stones set together in one pendant. I have had it forever and I love it so.

I looked up the healing properties of amethyst and it certainly made sense to wear it. It helps clear negative energy including stress and anxiety. I think a lot of physical pain can be attributed to both! It’s associated with the crown and third eye chakras. In relation to the crown chakra because of its location it’s associated with the brain and nervous system. I find that interesting as I felt as if my entire nervous system was basically screaming at me last week! (Another story for another time.) Hmmm, also ironically a blocked third eye chakra can wreak havoc on your physical well being. Again, I find that interesting as I felt as if my physical well being was being wreaked with havoc!

I have a small collection of stones and crystals. These are my loose stones I keep by my bed. This little glass jar has a top.  I need to keep it covered for obvious reasons (middle photo is all the evidence you need).


I sometimes just go through the stones and look at each trying to remember what each is and where it came from. In my jewelry journey I’m finding that I’m more and more interested in what the stones I’m drawn to mean. I think it will be interesting to include that information for the pieces I’m designing!

While looking up the healing properties of amethyst I came across this Crystal Test. Check it to see what crystals are right for you!
And remember stay gold and green! #goldbygreen




Charms are Trending

I realize this kind of plays off of my post last week but today I’m going to talk about charm bracelets and charm necklaces, jewelry with meaning. Tons of brands have become famous because of their charm bracelets, think Pandora, and even Trollbeads have that charm theme. Many people wear charms or pendants on a necklace but now people are wearing multiples just like bracelets. This isn’t new but I am seeing it more and more. On Thursday of this week Melanie Auld launched her Adorned adornedline in partnership with Jillian Harris. First, I love Melanie Auld and her jewelry line. Basically, whatever she does, I want. I have four rings of hers and am hoping to add an Adorned charm necklace soon. It’s a super clever and thoughtful campaign. They simply ask #whatsyourwhy? Check out the video on the home page of her site to hear them talk about the campaign and what their why is! For now here is what I’m planning on buying when the time is right….I want them to add some kind of kitty charm to the collection!

I think many of us grew up coveting our mother’s or grandmother’s charm bracelets. I believe they were big with those generations. Not so much with mine but they are making a comeback! I love anything with sentimental value or meaning so a few years ago I got my special charms/pendants together and assembled my own charm bracelet. I had a gold bracelet and just bought gold jump rings online. From making beaded jewelry I figured I had the skills to put it all together myself. Honestly, anyone with no skills could have done it! When I was done I was so happy with it. I made sure to not add any pendants that I might still want to wear more often on a necklace. It only has six charms and it’s on a smaller bracelet chain than I think you’d normally use for a charm bracelet but it works.

charm bracelet

Each piece has meaning – DUH – of course right? The guardian angel as my mother was/is into them when I was growing up and don’t we all hope there is a special angel watching over us at all times? The heart locket that was a piece given to me when I was little (I can’t remember why though), it has a pretty engraved design on it but no photos inside; the tennis racket as I wanted to move to Florida when I was in my early teens and practice at the Nick Bollettiere tennis academy and wear Diadora just like Jennifer Capriati (I WORSHIPPED her); the seashell for my love of the beach; my Chautauqua bell tower for my favorite summer vacation place as a kid and let’s face it as an adult even though I haven’t been in years (boo), you could have the time on the bell tower clock engraved with your birthday – how cool is that?! You can barely see it in the photo but the time is 2:21. Finally, a ruby heart and again not sure why this was given to me as a kid but it’s so cute. I don’t wear the bracelet as often as I should only because it’s hard to put on by myself.

Then when I decided to write this I realized I had another charm bracelet! These types of bracelets were popular when I was living in California. I haven’t worn it in forever probably because it’s not really ‘”in style” anymore but really who cares?! I think I’m going to wear it today.

I see a theme in this one along with my traditional bracelet….this one also has a tennis ball and a seashell. I have a few from places I’ve been, Italy, the San Diego Zoo, Hawaii. A pink ribbon for my mom for being a breast cancer survivor, the Golden Gate bridge from living in San Francisco. And the funniest one that I don’t even remember getting. It says Bling Bling – how hysterical is that!??!! Just goes to show this jewelry thing has been in the works for a long time and I didn’t even know it. Hi Universe. Yes I’m still listening!

I love to hear the meaning behind jewelry. Share pics of your charm bracelet with your story and I’ll post them on my IG! You can send them via DM on IG or via email at

Happy Saturday my jewelry loving peeps!
Mary Green #goldbygreen



Jewelry as Mementos

I have talked before about how I love jewelry not only for the sparkle but also for the meaning. Pieces remind me of birthdays, holidays, travel and relatives. Today I wore my grandmother’s gold and diamond cross on a long gold chain. She wasn’t able to open and close the clasp because of the arthritis in her hands so she had it put on the chain and it just slips over my head and the clasp  is soldered closed. I wear it when I need a little extra “umph” in my day. Last night I made an unexpected trip to the emergency vet so I wore it today in hopes that the little nugget really was okay. She is fine. But she is sneezing like an old man! Kitty allergies? Who knew?! (Note this was written on Wednesday, April 10th)

Nicholas kittenWe adopted the nugget almost a year ago because we had lost Ridiculous Nicholas a few months before that. We adopted him in the spring of 2010 so we only had him a little less than seven years. Growing up the cats in my family lived to be 20! It was really painful and I was really sad. The weekend after I was at home by myself and I said screw it I’m going shopping! I’m not really a shopper to make myself feel better. I’m too cheap for that. So I put on my cat socks – yes I’m a 40 (something) year old woman who wears cat socks. I admit it!

I went into town and went into South Moon Under. I didn’t go in to look at clothes or shoes. I went in to look for jewelry. Duh. As soon as I saw the sale rack I knew I was buying SOMETHING. I found an awesome pair of earrings that I would get a lot of wear out of and they were 10 bucks. SOLD. A nice young gentleman checked me out and I  was on my way. Onto the next store.

Next I went into Sole. They always have fun jewelry of all kinds in all price ranges. Best of all what I consider “my price range.” There were a bunch of rings that had been there for a while and I had been eyeing them a year and a half earlier. I didn’t buy one at the time and never really thought about it again. On this day though I was on a mission. I tried on different sizes, color stones and shapes of this one style of ring. There were green pears, blue squares and clear rounds. I finally settled on a light brown almost clear square stone. All were set in “gold” and the one I chose fit my ring finger. I was super pleased with both of my purchases that day.

The next day I was standing at my kitchen counter next to where I had set my treasures. I looked over at the receipt for my earrings. I thought to myself, are you kidding me? The nice young man, as my mother likes to say about people my age although who am I kidding he looked 12, who rang me up….his name was Nicholas. WHOA!!! I literally stood there in utter disbelief. I would have expected Nick from a nice young man. But Nicholas? The universe had spoken and I was listening. To be honest I’m not sure what she was saying to me but I was paying attention. I like to think she was telling me my boy was now fine and not in any pain and my purchases were spot on.

The week of the one year anniversary of losing Ridiculous Nicholas I wore the ring every day. And I totally CRUSHED on it every day. I wore the earrings I had purchased and the bracelet that had been sent to me from a dear friend in his memory. This is what I mean about jewelry having meaning. It really hurt to lose him but having these little mementos make me smile and remind me how ridiculous Nicholas really was. I even opened up to someone at work in a different department about having started my blog and the purpose behind the ring I was wearing that day in memory of my cat. For me that was a risk because while I knew she was cool I really wasn’t sure if she’d think I was crazy. She was completely understanding about it and we talked about jewelry for 10 minutes.

To see him and all of his ridiculousness check out his Instagram photo album by looking at #ridiculousnicholas.

Meow, meow, meow,
Mary Green #goldbygreen aka #crazycatlady AND PROUD OF IT!


April = Diamond

I have talked before that I didn’t really want a diamond until it was time to get a diamond. Ever since then, Frank says I need a knuckle extension. I mean let’s be honest, nothing sparkles like a diamond! That is because diamond is truly a one of a kind gem. It’s the only gem made up of one element, carbon. It’s about 99.5% carbon and the other .05% is made up of trace elements that influence color and shape.


This is the month for diamonds! April’s birthstone is diamond so I thought this was a great blog topic. Most people have heard of the 4 c’s when it comes to diamonds: cut, color, clarity and carat. If you don’t know much about these and want to learn more check out Stephanie Gottlieb’s Diamonds 101 series on YouTube. Her quick videos are easy to watch and understand. She just did one on marquise and pear shapes which, of course, I loved! She says this is one cut that helps elongate the finger and isn’t as popular right now. It’s for the girl who wants something a little different which I did even though like I have also mentioned before I picked out the same ring as my mother-in-law without knowing it at the time!

I saw an Instagram post recently in which someone asked one of the jewelers I follow about synthetic diamonds so I thought I’d do a little research on this and colored diamonds instead of getting further into the 4 c’s.

Synthetic diamonds, also knows as lab grown or man made, are actually real diamonds they are just made through an artificial process versus real diamonds which are made through a geological process and are typically found 100 miles below the earth’s surface. Synthetic diamonds have the same chemical composition which is why they are considered real and not fake. There is nothing wrong with these diamonds as long as it’s disclosed to a buyer that they are synthetic. They also go through the same grading process as natural diamonds.

Any true Sex and the City fan knows of black diamonds. Big gave one to Carrie at the end of the second movie. She asked why black and he responded, “because you’re not like anyone else.” Black diamonds can be natural, man made or treated. All are considered real. Natural black diamonds are rare. They are an impure form of pollycrystaline diamond consisting of diamond, amorphous carbon and graphite. It’s basically a white diamond with a high number of graphite inclusions which gives them their black appearance. They have the same meaning and symbolism as white diamonds. They are found in Brazil and Central Africa.

Fancy color diamonds get their color from impurities and defects in their structure. Intense heat and pressure, nitrogen, boron, the absorption of naturally occurring radiation and possible hydrogen affect a diamond’s color; not all of those at once but one attribute affects one color. For example, blue diamonds are affected by boron.


This science is so much more fun than the many (too many!) biologies and chemistries I took in college!

Diamonds are also the symbol for the 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries. I’m hoping they are also representative of lucky #13 (in October).

Mary Green #goldbygreen



I Forgot…I’ve Been Making Jewelry Since the 6th Grade!

This jewelry journey, as I’ve said many times already, has taken me on a few different paths. I said from the beginning when I started to explore possibilities I do not want to design my own pieces. Fast forward a few months and oh how that has changed. I’m dying to have my own pieces brought to life. I’m working on that now. I find it hysterical at how bad I am at drawing! I’d say I’m around a kindergarten level artist. But I think I can get my point across with my less than basic skills.

So as I am thinking about this it takes me back to 6th grade. I literally remember sitting in Mr. Smith’s class wearing my handmade earrings. I crafted them out of cardboard or poster board or a think paper material like that and earring hooks. Man I WISH I still had them! I think I made a few pairs. Apparently I was crafty back then. Who knew Gold by Green was really created around 30 years ago! If only I had business cards made then.

Flash forward to us living in Huntington Beach around 2004-2005. I have no idea how I got into beading. My aunt has made tons of jewelry beading and maybe that sparked it? I really can’t remember but there was this cool little beading shop on my way home from work. I had the best time looking through stones and beads of all colors and sizes and matching them up for different designs.

I made necklaces and a few pairs of earrings. I freakin’ loved it! I even sold some! The Laguna Beach Art Museum put some in their shop! In all honesty though I never sold any there. Boo. I made all of my bridesmaids necklaces as gifts. I even thought I’d make my wedding earrings. I made two very similar prototypes and loved them both. However, when it came down to it I decided both were (way) too big and never finished either pair. earringsEvery now and then I look at them and think they are so pretty but not sure I could complete them today. I was just a tad more patient then. Which is really shocking considering I had to drive to and from work every day on the 405. People here in Rehoboth complain about summer traffic. And I do it, too (mostly because the out of town drivers are just so bad!), but really if you have never driven in California, especially Southern CA, you don’t know traffic.

Anyway, my point is that it really shouldn’t surprise me that I want to design pieces. And I’m excited to have this realization that I have already created my own designs! As I’m going through this new process I am finding my aesthetic more and more. First, I know I am a pear girl. Thanks Jessica Simpson (see previous post My Engagement Ring Confessions)! I have a lot of pear cut pieces. And as I was proofing this I noticed every necklace above and the earrings all have pear cut stones! When I decided on that for my engagement ring I never thought it would continue on and on an on! Regarding specific stones, I have been thinking a lot about moonstone from the beginning. It’s hot right now. Everyone is making pieces with moonstone. The colors in it are just radiant. The glowing whites and blues are like none you’ve ever seen when captured in really good lighting.

What is surprising is this piece of moss agate I came across. I am obsessed. It is white, clear, green and even has a tiny bit of orange. It’s so gorgeous. And it’s not something I would have thought I wanted to use. But of course I HAVE to make something that is based around greens….set in gold (plate) — in my head I’m losing my sh*t!

So….exciting stuff at this point!

Stay tuned. Stay golden. And stay green! It’s St. Patrick’s day today after all!
Mary Green #goldbygreen


Cheers to My Tribe #IWD2018

International Women’s Day was this past week. It’s always celebrated on March 8. I was lucky enough to be part of a team that hosted an event locally honoring women making a difference in our community and we had two amazing keynote speakers, Delaware’s Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester and Michelle Freeman. The room was filled with amazing energy. The theme of our (not so) little cocktail party, not planned, seem to be around authenticity and who’s in your tribe per our speakers. I like to think I’m authentic. I know my tribe is awesome.

So in an attempt to be authentic I have decided to invite you all along onquote my jewelry journey a little more. I previously wrote a little about how this journey started with the blog but there is more behind that. At first this journey was totally clear. And one thing I was clear on was that I didn’t want to design my own jewelry. But like I wrote before, the universe works in mysterious ways. A few twists and turns, speed bumps as I also like to call them, caused me to reevaluate what I wanted. And overnight my vision completely changed. All of a sudden I wanted to design my own jewelry. In the middle of the night, with just the TV for light, I drew out 15 pieces of jewelry. A few necklaces, bracelets, earrings; ironically I think only one or two rings!  Some silver, some gold, lots of drusies. I even wrote out the guest list for the launch party! I do LOVE to throw a good party! It was all very clear. I get very excited to think of the possibilities but I also get very overwhelmed in the how the hell can I pull this off? There are lots and I mean LOTS of boxes to be checked. The biggest being, I don’t make jewelry! But throw it out to the universe and see what comes back. That is where I am right now. It might happen. It might not. But you’ve gotta just keep on keepin’ on. I keep telling myself, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been,” by George Eliot. This has been my favorite quote for YEARS.

This journey has been ongoing for a few months and the blog was the first big step along with the Gold by Green Instagram account. I get tons of joy out of both so that is something that motivates me! We walked into our favorite Italian sandwich shop yesterday and Robin who works there told me she read my blog. I wanted to jump across the counter and hug her! We got in the car and I told my husband that just made my day! When I think about this journey and how to move forward I was inspired by that energy I mentioned at our Girls Night Out event in honor of International Women’s Day. I thought this was the perfect time to thank my tribe! I have bounced ideas off of friends and asked if I can pick their brains over coffee, worked with a mentor, reached out to jewelers on Instagram with questions and it got me thinking how cool it is that so many women are willing to give you advice if you just ask!

Women supporting women is powerful and helps us all move forward.
I even said it last week at the event!

I’ve tagged the ladies who have helped me so far along the way in the IG post promoting this blog post! Even though not all are on IG they should know who they are. Rock on ladies and thank you!

If an awesome lady helped you along the way give them a shout out here or tell me who inspires you in your every day life! Do you work to inspire others? Tell me all about it!

Cheers ladies,
Mary Green