I’m so glad you’re here! I want to start by saying thanks for visiting my site. I am happy to bring you along with me on my jewelry designing and blogging journey. I made my first piece of jewelry in sixth grade. I made a few pairs of earrings out of card stock and markers. And I rocked them! Later in my life, I got into beading. I started making beaded necklaces and earrings. It was so fun and there was no social media so I sold most of those pieces by – wait for it – email! I made all of my bridesmaids’ necklaces as their gift.

A few years ago I started dreaming of having my own jewelry business. At first, I thought I wanted to sell other designers’ lines. All of a sudden that changed. In the blink of an eye I decided I wanted to design. That night, in the middle of the night, I drew out about 10 designs. I even wrote up the invite list for my launch party! I do love a good party!

Fast forward about six months and I officially launched my first (small) collection in September 2018! Check out my First Flight Collection to see it!

Since you’re here take a minute to check out my creations inspired by earthy stones mixed with a little sparkle.  Like I said, I never knew I wanted to design jewelry but I knew I wanted to start my own online business and this is what it came to be. I love choosing stones and mixing and matching them based on meaning, colors, shapes and metals. And of course, it’s really exciting to run into someone who is wearing a piece of jewelry that I created!

I’m a beach girl and can’t imagine living anywhere else. EVER. I’m a die-hard music junkie. There’s nothing like hearing your favorite song or seeing your favorite band live. THAT is how I want you to feel when you wear my jewelry; like your favorite music just hit you square in the middle of your soul and you could dance all night long.

I also love a little sparkle, a glass of rose, bubbles or a dirty martini. But I do NOT like olives. Go figure. My three fur kids are my creative team. They do quality control and design. They aren’t cheap labor but they are really good at what they do.

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