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Check Out All Angles

I’ve admitted before that I stare at my rings during throughout the day. I would probably stare the rest of my jewelry if I could easily see it without a mirror. Most people probably only really check out their jewelry when making a purchase or when it’s new. My question for you today is do you check out the back of your jewelry? I take off my rings a lot throughout the day as I wash my hands a lot! Often when I put them back on I check them out.

I think everyone should do this not only to make sure everything looks okay but to see the beauty of your pieces from different angles. First, yes make sure things are right. I looked down at my engagement ring about 10 years ago and saw a prong had cracked off. After I recovered from my heart attack and realized that my diamond was fine I moved on to getting it fixed. Side note, because we had insurance on it we had it reset by a professional jeweler in a brand new setting at no cost. Get your good jewelry insured! That’s for another post though….

Stones that are faceted are beautiful from all angles. Typically, the point of the stone is heidi ringset facing down and I think this part is just as beautiful as the top of the stone which can be faceted, have a table (flat surface) or if it’s smooth it’s considered a cabochon.

I love this setting that Heidi Lowe did for me. I designed the look but she set the stone so you could see the bottom of it. A really cool hidden detail.

Also, check out the setting underneath and all around. Nowadays, many jewelers hide something special in the setting like a tiny birthstone inside the band of an engagement ring to represent the husband
or one for each of the couple. bandOld jewelry may have a special inscription for that someone special or the jeweler. My husband had my initials and 5-year anniversary date added to this band. The setting is really where the magic happens. While stones are beautiful the setting is their little home! Many stones are set in a way to let in more light from the different angles of the piece. Light amplifies most stones. Look at the craftsmanship. And maybe it’s not perfect and that’s okay!


I like to check out the back of this pendant that is actually one my designs! The back of the stone is so pretty.

back of pendant

Finally, check out the detail on the sides of this Jane Taylor Rosebud ring. Not only is amethyst is my birthstone but my mom called me Rosebud when I was little so it makes me love it even more!


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