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I have been way overdue in writing a post so here goes. As the last of  my first pieces are being finalized I start to think what now? When do you start making plans for what’s next? How much is too much? You haven’t even launched the first collection yet! I have never denied that I am flying by the seat of my pants here. It’s really ironic, too. Having held the title of Director of Events at a nonprofit in southern California and Event Coordinator with two nonprofits here locally,  I am typically really organized. I love a list that I can cross things off of that includes specific times as to what will happen when and who is involved…the caterer will be on site at 4 pm, food and bar will be set up by 4:45, guests arrive at 5, speaker will being at 7, event ends at 8 and event breakdown will begin at 8:15 and all rentals will be picked up at 9 pm. Check, check, check! THIS type of organization makes me UBER HAPPY! That is all matter of fact work. Jewelry is creative so I’m way out of my element on that part of it. While there is creativity in event planning, it’s on another level from this at least for me. For a true artist, it’s probably in their blood.

So I start thinking what will the next pieces look like? I see people posts photos on IG of what inspires them. I don’t get a lot of that personally, at least not yet. For me, ideas just literally pop into my head. They may ebb and flow before they are finalized but that is how it works in this brain. The disc necklace definitely had some thought around the ocean although you probably can’t tell from looking at it and I think that was more the original idea in my head which was not the final product.

My porch is by far my favorite room in the house. I was sitting out here one day and realized the color scheme out here mirrors a lot of what I’ve done in the first collection. I look around and see purples and greens – different shades and I love them all. We decorated this porch five years ago so it’s kinda cool to see these colors now coming through in what I’m doing. And while the two on the chairs at the table were gifts, I also never knew I had a thing for pillows…..

I want to point out that the color on the walls is called Shaken Not Stirred. It was a no brainer decision! I added glitter to the paint after seeing it where a friend worked. When the sun hits the walls they sparkle! I also realize that the little jar on the glass table is from my friend’s wedding, the friend who just bought my first piece. 💚

Stay gold and green and apparently purple!

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  1. Love the pictures, your content and your honesty.

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