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It’s Summer and I’m Feeling Lazy

So, it’s summer. And living at the beach, most of you know, means lots to do although I have to be honest I’m not doing it. Right now I am living for beach weekends and that is it. I don’t do much on “school nights” so I really have no excuse for not writing a blog post in a month! That is just bad for business! While I am marching ahead with the jewelry line I can’t think of something to write about. The line is really exciting so maybe my excuse can be I’ve been putting my focus there 😉 Although I have said before I have moments of real excitement and moments of pure panic. But hey I think that means I’m on the right path!

Picking out stones, drawing designs, working with my jeweler….waking in the middle of the night and not being able to sleep leading to my creative mind spinning out of control! Spinning in a really good way yet I just learned this week if I don’t write down blog ideas that come to me at 4 am then I may not remember them! Hence these completely scatter brained sentences I’m spitting out at the computer. I had two or three blog post ideas, two earring designs and two necklace designs come to me at some God awful hour this week. I was able to remember the jewelry luckily! Then I slowed down and thought let’s get through the pieces you have in the mix before thinking about making more!

Okay let’s talk about beach weekends. This is my new found zen zone. I have alwaysbeach loved beach days and we don’t have to drive very far to enjoy it and I am so thankful for that! Lately, I have found it’s my peaceful and happy place for REALZ. For someone who loves the beach and also loves jewelry I consider what I wear to the beach very carefully. Obviously, I don’t wear anything that isn’t real. And I only wear rings because necklaces or bracelets hanging or sticking to my sweaty self – EW. Salt water, sand, suntan lotion: all really bad for jewelry in general but really bad for jewelry that is plated which I wear a lot of. I’m pretty good at mixing real and plated and I bet a lot of people have no idea. However, my wedding bands are real so I typically wear some mix of them. And of course I enjoy looking at diamonds sparkle in the sun!

disc necklace

disc necklace2disc necklaces

In the meantime I’m trying to understand the process of casting a piece. Casting a mold means it can be used over and over to make the same piece multiple times like the three stone rings you have seen or the disc necklace coming soon. I’m also trying to understand the process of gold plating. I learned recently that gold plating over silver is called vermiel. Of course I have heard of vermiel but never realized it was plating over sterling silver. That is what I’m doing with my pieces since I can’t quite afford to make real gold pieces. YET PEOPLE! YET! GOALS! For now I really need to keep learning. I still have so much to learn!

Well, that’s it for now. I know not very exciting this time around but know things are moving forward and I appreciate you reading! More to come!

As always, stay green and enjoy the golden sunsets!
Mary Green #goldbygreen


2 thoughts on “It’s Summer and I’m Feeling Lazy

  1. I love the new disc!

    1. Thanks!! They aren’t quite done but close!

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