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What is your crystal?

So, do any of you believe in the healing properties of gems and crystals? Back in the day I was totally into crystals as jewelry. I’m sure you’re shocked. There was a place in Rehoboth that you could buy a bag of dirt and basically sift through it and look for gems and crystals. It was set up as if you were really sifting through it in a real setting. I remember this trough like thing set up with water running down it to help you find any little thing that may have been hiding in there. It was like a treasure hunt – literally. If you found one, they’d wrap it for you as a pendant. This was the perfect activity for me – I loved it! I still have all of those crystals. Some are prettier than others. I even wrapped a few myself. Some aren’t bad. Some I look at and think it’s obvious I was about 12 at the time making pendants – lol! But regardless it was fun!

I’ve talked about wearing jewelry with special meaning (sorry probably ad nauseam at amethyst crystalsthis point!) but I also like the meaning of stones. Recently, when I wasn’t feeling great physically I kept thinking about an old amethyst crystal set in silver that I thought I should wear for some reason. I also have an amethyst crystal set in gold plate with citrine at the bottom. It’s not an ametrine, which is one stone with a mix of amethyst and citrine, it’s two separate stones set together in one pendant. I have had it forever and I love it so.

I looked up the healing properties of amethyst and it certainly made sense to wear it. It helps clear negative energy including stress and anxiety. I think a lot of physical pain can be attributed to both! It’s associated with the crown and third eye chakras. In relation to the crown chakra because of its location it’s associated with the brain and nervous system. I find that interesting as I felt as if my entire nervous system was basically screaming at me last week! (Another story for another time.) Hmmm, also ironically a blocked third eye chakra can wreak havoc on your physical well being. Again, I find that interesting as I felt as if my physical well being was being wreaked with havoc!

I have a small collection of stones and crystals. These are my loose stones I keep by my bed. This little glass jar has a top.Β  I need to keep it covered for obvious reasons (middle photo is all the evidence you need).


I sometimes just go through the stones and look at each trying to remember what each is and where it came from. In my jewelry journey I’m finding that I’m more and more interested in what the stones I’m drawn to mean. I think it will be interesting to include that information for the pieces I’m designing!

While looking up the healing properties of amethyst I came across this Crystal Test. Check it to see what crystals are right for you!
And remember stay gold and green! #goldbygreen



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  1. GOTTA GET ME SOME SELENITE! Love the crystal finder!!

    1. I picked that, too!!! I actually think I have a piece of it ironically πŸ™‚

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