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Jewelry as Mementos

I have talked before about how I love jewelry not only for the sparkle but also for the meaning. Pieces remind me of birthdays, holidays, travel and relatives. Today I wore my grandmother’s gold and diamond cross on a long gold chain. She wasn’t able to open and close the clasp because of the arthritis in her hands so she had it put on the chain and it just slips over my head and the clasp  is soldered closed. I wear it when I need a little extra “umph” in my day. Last night I made an unexpected trip to the emergency vet so I wore it today in hopes that the little nugget really was okay. She is fine. But she is sneezing like an old man! Kitty allergies? Who knew?! (Note this was written on Wednesday, April 10th)

Nicholas kittenWe adopted the nugget almost a year ago because we had lost Ridiculous Nicholas a few months before that. We adopted him in the spring of 2010 so we only had him a little less than seven years. Growing up the cats in my family lived to be 20! It was really painful and I was really sad. The weekend after I was at home by myself and I said screw it I’m going shopping! I’m not really a shopper to make myself feel better. I’m too cheap for that. So I put on my cat socks – yes I’m a 40 (something) year old woman who wears cat socks. I admit it!

I went into town and went into South Moon Under. I didn’t go in to look at clothes or shoes. I went in to look for jewelry. Duh. As soon as I saw the sale rack I knew I was buying SOMETHING. I found an awesome pair of earrings that I would get a lot of wear out of and they were 10 bucks. SOLD. A nice young gentleman checked me out and I  was on my way. Onto the next store.

Next I went into Sole. They always have fun jewelry of all kinds in all price ranges. Best of all what I consider “my price range.” There were a bunch of rings that had been there for a while and I had been eyeing them a year and a half earlier. I didn’t buy one at the time and never really thought about it again. On this day though I was on a mission. I tried on different sizes, color stones and shapes of this one style of ring. There were green pears, blue squares and clear rounds. I finally settled on a light brown almost clear square stone. All were set in “gold” and the one I chose fit my ring finger. I was super pleased with both of my purchases that day.

The next day I was standing at my kitchen counter next to where I had set my treasures. I looked over at the receipt for my earrings. I thought to myself, are you kidding me? The nice young man, as my mother likes to say about people my age although who am I kidding he looked 12, who rang me up….his name was Nicholas. WHOA!!! I literally stood there in utter disbelief. I would have expected Nick from a nice young man. But Nicholas? The universe had spoken and I was listening. To be honest I’m not sure what she was saying to me but I was paying attention. I like to think she was telling me my boy was now fine and not in any pain and my purchases were spot on.

The week of the one year anniversary of losing Ridiculous Nicholas I wore the ring every day. And I totally CRUSHED on it every day. I wore the earrings I had purchased and the bracelet that had been sent to me from a dear friend in his memory. This is what I mean about jewelry having meaning. It really hurt to lose him but having these little mementos make me smile and remind me how ridiculous Nicholas really was. I even opened up to someone at work in a different department about having started my blog and the purpose behind the ring I was wearing that day in memory of my cat. For me that was a risk because while I knew she was cool I really wasn’t sure if she’d think I was crazy. She was completely understanding about it and we talked about jewelry for 10 minutes.

To see him and all of his ridiculousness check out his Instagram photo album by looking at #ridiculousnicholas.

Meow, meow, meow,
Mary Green #goldbygreen aka #crazycatlady AND PROUD OF IT!

2 thoughts on “Jewelry as Mementos

  1. What a great reason to treat yourself to a peace of jewelry! Unlike me, I never need a reason, but I think I am going to start, because at my age, I am never going to live long enough to wear all of my jewelry, so Mary, I guess your blog will go on forever after you go thru it all! Love ya

    1. HA! Yes do we really need a reason?! NO!

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