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I Forgot…I’ve Been Making Jewelry Since the 6th Grade!

This jewelry journey, as I’ve said many times already, has taken me on a few different paths. I said from the beginning when I started to explore possibilities I do not want to design my own pieces. Fast forward a few months and oh how that has changed. I’m dying to have my own pieces brought to life. I’m working on that now. I find it hysterical at how bad I am at drawing! I’d say I’m around a kindergarten level artist. But I think I can get my point across with my less than basic skills.

So as I am thinking about this it takes me back to 6th grade. I literally remember sitting in Mr. Smith’s class wearing my handmade earrings. I crafted them out of cardboard or poster board or a think paper material like that and earring hooks. Man I WISH I still had them! I think I made a few pairs. Apparently I was crafty back then. Who knew Gold by Green was really created around 30 years ago! If only I had business cards made then.

Flash forward to us living in Huntington Beach around 2004-2005. I have no idea how I got into beading. My aunt has made tons of jewelry beading and maybe that sparked it? I really can’t remember but there was this cool little beading shop on my way home from work. I had the best time looking through stones and beads of all colors and sizes and matching them up for different designs.

I made necklaces and a few pairs of earrings. I freakin’ loved it! I even sold some! The Laguna Beach Art Museum put some in their shop! In all honesty though I never sold any there. Boo. I made all of my bridesmaids necklaces as gifts. I even thought I’d make my wedding earrings. I made two very similar prototypes and loved them both. However, when it came down to it I decided both were (way) too big and never finished either pair. earringsEvery now and then I look at them and think they are so pretty but not sure I could complete them today. I was just a tad more patient then. Which is really shocking considering I had to drive to and from work every day on the 405. People here in Rehoboth complain about summer traffic. And I do it, too (mostly because the out of town drivers are just so bad!), but really if you have never driven in California, especially Southern CA, you don’t know traffic.

Anyway, my point is that it really shouldn’t surprise me that I want to design pieces. And I’m excited to have this realization that I have already created my own designs! As I’m going through this new process I am finding my aesthetic more and more. First, I know I am a pear girl. Thanks Jessica Simpson (see previous post My Engagement Ring Confessions)! I have a lot of pear cut pieces. And as I was proofing this I noticed every necklace above and the earrings all have pear cut stones! When I decided on that for my engagement ring I never thought it would continue on and on an on! Regarding specific stones, I have been thinking a lot about moonstone from the beginning. It’s hot right now. Everyone is making pieces with moonstone. The colors in it are just radiant. The glowing whites and blues are like none you’ve ever seen when captured in really good lighting.

What is surprising is this piece of moss agate I came across. I am obsessed. It is white, clear, green and even has a tiny bit of orange. It’s so gorgeous. And it’s not something I would have thought I wanted to use. But of course I HAVE to make something that is based around greens….set in gold (plate) — in my head I’m losing my sh*t!

So….exciting stuff at this point!

Stay tuned. Stay golden. And stay green! It’s St. Patrick’s day today after all!
Mary Green #goldbygreen

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