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Necklace hell….

I recently got a text from a coworker that started with: I need HELP!!! I thought it was a work text and was like OH LORD WHAT HAPPENED?! Then when I saw it was sent to: Gold by Green I was like oh cool this is something I can handle! Not that I can’t handle work problems but let’s be real for me this is actually fun.

Necklaces are probably the worst to store, pack for travel, move – well you get the idea. Here is my first PSA: the following photo is a big no-no. rachel necklacesFor any kinda jewelry! Obviously for necklaces or bracelets that aren’t cuffs the reason is because they will all become tangled. I likely wouldn’t do this with most jewelry for one reason or another. Anything with a smooth surface could get scratched like gold or silver bands or bracelets, soft stones like pearls, or items could literally fall out or get scooped out by kids or four legged friends. In my house if something fell out, I would hear four little paws hit the floor running and it would become a toy likely to end up in a pile of litter or lost. I left a ring out once somewhere – crazy to realize I THINK I left it out on the bathroom counter in a dish but really not sure. I realized it was missing and knew it had turned into a toy and would show  up eventually. And it did, randomly on the floor in my closet which is in a completely different room! Toy for sure. Yet they have more real toys than I can count….

A quick note on the issue of tangling. A simple google search of how to untangle necklaces shows articles, Wiki entries and of course YouTube videos. And it must be a popular search because google auto-filled it in while I was typing! Take your pick on what works best for you. I saw a few that talked about baby oil and straight pins. If anyone has tried this let me know. I’m guessing the straight pins are to stab yourself with when you totally lose your sh*t trying to untangle them. But if tangling is a problem, simply google it and try what most appeals to you. I don’t have baby oil lying around and I’m not sure I’d want to put it on my jewelry but it sounds like it works.

necklacesSo here are a few possibilities for necklace storage in particular. Mine are hanging in my stand up jewelry box on the side “door” compartment, in individual boxes in my stand up jewelry box, laid out in my small jewelry box that literally only holds five larger necklaces any longer (was a gift from my parents back in the day) or in boxes laid out on cotton in the end table in my room. When I say “my room” it’s one of our spare bedrooms in which I have the closet because the hubs has the closet in our bedroom. My room also includes the treadmill – cool right? Well it also includes the litter boxes. PLURAL. Therefore, another reason for me to keep everything stored either in my stand up jewelry box, jewelry box or end table. It helps keep the litter dust off of my stuff. UGH.

In my former post about storage and travel I mentioned that storage is personal. What is it that you want? Do you want to see it all so you can easily decide what you want to wear? Obviously for me I want everything protected from litter dust (ugh my clothes and handbags!). There are different items you can find to hang your necklaces on if you want to see them. I have seen different items at Marshalls and Home Goods. sam necklaces
Thanks to Sam for sending me this photo of how she stores her necklaces. You can also keep them in the boxes in which they came in if you bought them from a store that gives you a box or some kind of packaging. I have mentioned previously that I am a packaging JUNKIE. I love boxes, baggies whatever. Sometimes…BAGGIES COME IN BOXES. Oh good Lord you have no idea. I keep it ALL. And I LOVE IT ALL. The box or baggie is the vessel in which the piece of jewelry was transported to me.  Given to me. It has as much meaning almost as much as the piece. Yes call me crazy but I love packaging.

First, you must decide what kind of space you have. I don’t have space to have my jewelry displayed and I don’t want litter dust all over everything so INSIDE something – jewelry box or table – is right for me. Those who don’t have to worry about litter dust or dust in general (my house seems dusty anyway) then yes I would totally have everything out on display. Some day I dream of a walk in closet for this! I have some really fun necklaces that I love but because they are packed away in boxes in my jewelry box I don’t always remember them! Recently, I noticed this so I literally try go through the boxes almost every other day. I also label the boxes so when I open the necklace/bracelet drawer I can more easily see what is what. This is a big recommendation I have for using boxes. Luckily I have a lot of white boxes that can easily be written on with a regular pen. If you’re boxes can’t easily be written on because of what they are made of consider a label maker! This is an OCD person’s dream! I can say that because I LOVE organization and claim to be OCD when it comes to organization and planning. It really makes me happy which again leads me to say I need another stand up jewelry box. One for gold and one for silver. This would make me so happy! I thought this is what I was getting for my birthday because I’ve talked about it a lot. But alas, it was not to be. I received quite a few items from Victoria’s Secret. EEEEEK! Freaks me out to say and freaked me out even more to go in to return everything – only because everything was all the wrong sizes. I did need some new undergarments so it wasn’t all wasted. But let’s just say my very kind and thoughtful husband (?) got a large credit on his credit card and I’m pretty sure the credit would cover the cost of that second jewelry box. Such a shame that I don’t think he reads my blog. 🙂

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  1. Dear daughter in law, when we change our bedroom around, if my stand up jewelry box doesn’t fit, I will be more than happy to give it to you since I don’t even know what is in it at this time.

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