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May Your Martinis Be Strong….

It should come as no surprise at this point that I like a good dirty martini. It might come amethyst_2as a surprise that I’ve only been drinking them for less than two years. I noted before that I do NOT like olives so it’s somewhat ironic. This past week was my birthday so I enjoyed more than one. We enjoyed a few in Mexico, too. Seems like the wrong drink for Mexico but we definitely had some good ones.

So for some reason when I was recapping this week and the last few months I had a thought….May your martinis be strong and your faith be stronger. This blog stems from bigger visions for my jewelry journey. I’m not sure where the journey will go but I have learned to just have faith in whatever the universe has in store for you. Or at least try to have faith. I am likely the most impatient person I know. I get it honestly from my father. These Mexico trips have certainly taught me that I am definitely his daughter. We have gone at it a few times to say the least! So being on a journey in which you’d like to think you know where you are going and are in control only to come to find out you definitely are not has been a weeeeee bit challenging for me. But then I think what’s the rush? You know what they say….slow down you’re at the beach. I seem to have hit road block after road block. Actually it’s more like speed bump after speed bump. Again, okay universe I get it. The flip side is that I am a planner. I like to make a list and check things off. So being prepared is important and these little time outs force me to reevaluate, rethink and try to be creative in how I can make this little side hustle become a reality.

Okay I’m a little off since this is supposed to be a jewelry blog. Are you getting a taste of what it’s like inside my head? I mentioned it was my birthday which means….martinis!!! Oh wait I mean AMETHYST!

Photo source: UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences

I adore my birthstone. It’s a precious stone that is a variety of quartz. When I think about the color purple – not the movie – literally the color – I realize I like it yet I it’s not my favorite. Let’s face it though it’s the color of royalty and crown royal. Word. Because it’s my birthstone I am a bit obsessed with it. I have lots or rings (duh), a few necklaces and bracelets, a few pairs of earrings. It has meaning to me. Back to my book Crystals by Jennie Harding, amethyst was used in royal jewels such as crowns and in healing it helps open the crown chakras and third-eye. Get it? Crowns and royal. Now it all makes sense. Okay not really but one ironic meaning of amethyst is that the word is actually derived from an Ancient Greek work meaning not drunk. It is said to protect it’s wearer from drunkenness. I mean the irony. Are you lol’ing yet?

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