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The Engagement Story – cont. from last post

The ring has been chosen. The diamond has to be set so we still don’t have it. We decide to head to Santa Barbara for the weekend to see friends there. It’s about a two hour drive north right through LA. It’s Friday night and it’s rush hour. My youngest cousin has just gotten engaged. Frank is trapped. A huge argument ensues. Is this EVER GOING TO HAPPEN? I’m seriously going to die of old age here.

We get our sh*t together by the time we get to our friends’ house. Okay by we I mean me let’s be real here. Saturday is beautiful and we head out for the day. I’m pretty sure we head out to do some wine tasting. We then hit this cool bar that if I remember correctly, is built into the side of a mountain. Next stop home. But not before another fight ensues. To my dismay I believe sure there were tears. This one wasn’t my fault. Clearly I had been overserved. Again, I got my sh*t together and we enjoyed the rest of our visit.

Sunday we arrive back in Huntington Beach. We’re getting settled and I check the messages. You know back when you had a landline for your home. There is a message for a Mr. Frank Green, “sir, your ring is finished and ready to be picked up.” Oh my God, what do I do!? Besides first doing a little happy dance of course. I panicked. I told him there was a message for him and left it at that.

He checked the message and I heard a few expletives spoken under his breath. I was grinning from ear to ear. He made up some story and I just went along with it. It was finally only a matter of time.

I’m sitting at work one day and I get a call from Frank. “When are you coming home?” Uhhh, the same time I come home every day. “Okay, well just hurry home because I want to go out and do something tonight.” Like what? We don’t DO things. “I don’t know maybe we’ll play tennis or something.” Sure, whatever. Another call comes in while I’m driving home. “Where are you?” In the car, sitting in traffic. Just like every other day. I mean it’s California have you forgotten? Traffic is everywhere. “Okay, just checking.” About 25 minutes later, yep, another call. “So, where are you now?” In the car, sitting in traffic just in a different location. “Okay, well hurry home.” I’ll be sure to let everyone around me know I need to get home faster than they do. “I want to head out as soon as you get home so do you have to go to the bathroom or do anything?”

Obviously at this point I know something is going on. I have a feeling this is it. And per the usual I’m going nowhere fast. I finally get home, change and we head out. We lived about a mile from Pacific Coast Highway and we are heading that way. When we get there we start heading south. I have no idea what we’re doing but I’m not going to lie. I see the ring box in his pants pocket because I’m a woman and I’m using my CIA spy skills that we all inherently have. I may not be able to tell a lie but I can sleuth with the best of them.

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HB dog beach

We pull into one of the beach turn offs. It happens to be the Huntington Beach dog beach. He’s got a bottle of bubbles and some plastic cups. We fancy. As we walk out to find a place to watch the sunset I remember being super nervous and saying, watch out for dog sh*t….be careful where you sit. We sit and drink a little bubbly while watching the sun set behind the clouds which in California is really the smog. Honestly, it doesn’t matter because it always makes for a beautiful sunset.

promFinally, he pulls out the box and says something along the lines of how he’s loved me since the day I wore fuchsia; a nod to my prom dress way back in 1990-something – and we’ll leave it at that. He pulls out the ring and I can see it’s sitting on this adorable little white ring pillow. I don’t even really see the ring because I’m so smitten with the presentation! (That will be another post sometime in the future – jewelry packaging.) He finishes the rest of the proposal and takes the little ring pillow out and shows it to me. It’s not a pillow. It’s a freakin’ Rolaids. Excuse me? He proceeds to tell me that he needed something to give to the jeweler so they’d know my ring size. He said I’d know if something was missing from my jewelry box so out of every inanimate object he compared to my other rings, my ring finger is in fact the size of a Rolaids. I finally put on the ring that I had been waiting for, for so long. Then I looked at him and said, you probably need to eat that ring sizer now, huh?

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  1. The little prom picture is fantastic!!! Love this blog- light-hearted, personal and really- a Rolaid?

    1. HA – funny huh?! xox

      1. Love this story even though I knew it, but the first time I heard about the rolaids. I only have one guestion, who is using more rolaids now, you or my son. I love your blog. Keep them coming. YFML

      2. Him. Def him. 🙂 I keep him on his toes!

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