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My Engagement Ring Confessions

Okay, it’s probably no surprise that I love diamonds. I am easily distracted by their sparkle. What may be surprising is my first confession. Until it was really time to start looking, I wasn’t interested in them, for me. Like at all. I was much more intrigued by emeralds. But don’t even question for a second that once it was time to start looking – I was all in in under 3 seconds flat. At first my dream ring was an emerald cut diamond with an emerald cut emerald on each side. Then I came back down to earth and really started thinking about what cut I wanted. Enter Chicken of the Sea.

Newlyweds: Jessica and Nick was a hit and I didn’t miss an episode. Jessica Simpson was young, beautiful, and a complete ditz for the entire world to see. She was real and I got the biggest kick out of her and her goofiness. You’ve gotta love a girl who can laugh at herself. And of course through it all she was sporting a beautiful wedding ring set.  Nick proposed with a 4 carat pear cut diamond with pear cut side stones. That was it. I was obsessed. Confession number two, yes, the person who asked if the tuna she was eating was chicken, was my inspiration for wanting a pear cut diamond.

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Our first time looking was in a lovely little jewelry store at a mall in Huntington Beach, California, where we were living at the time. They told us they’d check their other stores and find some rings for us to come back and check out. A few days later we went back. I was ecstatic. They showed us a 3 carat solitaire set in gold. YEP. DONE. SWIPE THAT CREDIT CARD. WE OUT. They also showed us a 2 ct. loose stone. One of the saleswomen took me across the way so Frank could talk cost. I was sure we were leaving with something. Maybe I wouldn’t see the box, but I thought he was buying something. I was wrong. Frank wasn’t too pleased with the fact that they showed us stones that were apparently larger than he had asked to see. OOPS on their part. GENIUS I thought…..

engagement ringAnd so the search went on. We ended up at another jewelry store and we looked at loose stones and settings. It was fun. Not quite as fun as looking at that 3 ct. ring but fun none-the-less. So, if I was going to look at smaller center stones, there were going to be side stones. Maybe my ring wasn’t going to be one big diamond that crossed my entire finger but it would be a few smaller diamonds that crossed my entire finger. Tapered baguettes it was. In the end close to Jessica but not exactly. Surely, just as beautiful.

Flash forward to moving home a little while later when I realized I chosen the exact same ring that my mother in law has. EXACT SAME RING. Pear cut. Baguettes. Gold. Pretty sure though she knows Chicken of the Sea is tuna.

I love engagement ring settings so please comment here if you had a say in choosing your ring and if so why you chose what you did or were you completely surprised?! Or post to the Instagram post! If you don’t have your dream ring yet tell me what it is. I’d love to hear your story!

UP NEXT: the actual engagement.


7 thoughts on “My Engagement Ring Confessions

  1. Oh my GOD you are so funny. When I met Joe it was the first time I EVER looked at rings for myself. And with my job, well Ive seen over 500! I was working with a couple and she had an emerald engagement ring and that was it for me. I decided I didn’t want a diamond – I’m not that girl – I love color. Joe knew that but wanted something more traditional for me – now I have the most gorgeous ring – CHAMPAGNE (yes all the time please!) Diamond!

    1. Your ring is SO GORGEOUS!!! I felt the same way – I wanted color! But then to be honest I just wanted something HUGE – lol!!! I’d definitely be distracted by the constant sparkle you see!!! Perks of the job 😉

  2. Great story, gorgeous ring- keep up the good work @goldbygreen, you’ve got something to say!!!

    1. Why thanks! You’ve got one gorgeous bauble as well 😉 OXO

  3. Great blog! We are on a hunt for an engagement ring now actually! Kinda in love with the RoyalT By tacori with the princess cut center. Tried it on in Sedona and fell in love! Never thought I was a princess cut girl until I tried it on! I guess we shall see what happens!

    1. Exciting!!! Tacori makes beautiful jewelry.

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