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Beer Bottle Beach Jewelry

mexico mimosaWe are lucky enough to be able to take a vacation every winter to Puerto Vallarta on the west coast of Mexico. I’ve been on official countdown for our 2018 trip for more than six months. My husband and I go with my father and we literally lay on the beach all day. EVERY DAY. The people watching is great and so is the food (papas fritas because that is my favorite food and for some reason they are even better when eaten on the beach in your bathing suit for all the world to see) and drinks served directly to you at your beach chair. We read, nap, listen to music. And shop.

Mexico is probably well-known for the people who walk up and down the beach selling everything from fish on a stick, to snacks and hats, to jewelry. Our first year there we always just said, “No gracias.” The polite way of saying no thanks, we aren’t interested. Year two was a little different as we started looking at the jewelry, of course. We bought a few things. The quality is not great as you can imagine. When we buy gifts I always say, “Enjoy it until it turns your finger green.” Actually, I think it tarnishes more than turns green.

Over the years we have bought a lot of jewelry. We buy gifts mostly now because HELLO?! This blog is called GOLD by Green. Not Silver by Green! We have found two guys that we always look for now. Juan is just a nice guy who is always smiling. We buy stuff in particular from him in hopes of helping to put his kids through school. He always stops to say hi even if he knows we aren’t interested that day. mexico jewelry trayEggar is younger and you can always see him coming. He’s a big guy who always wears a trucker hat with a towel around his neck. His stuff is the nicest we have found yet there is still a little left to be desired but we know what we’re getting. I mean, can you just see me sitting on my beach chair with that tray of jewelry sitting there – kid in a candy shop. Or me in Bin 66.

My husband, being a salesman, LOVES the negotiating. That is the other reason we buy. He will let a deal go on for days with Eggar. It’s actually hysterical. Sometimes it’s not even for something that I want!

Every year we say we aren’t going to buy that much. Yet again, we come home with more presents than we need! But as I sit here I am already excited to see Juan and see what Eggar has to offer this year! EEEK! I do think each year his selection and dare I say quality, gets better. He tells us the stones are blue topaz or citrine. Frank tells him he thinks it’s beer bottle glass. I hope he has some good Grolsh or old Bud Light pieces this year.
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