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A lady’s nails….

This may seem somewhat off topic from jewelry but stay with me. Growing up my mother had these finger nails. It was the 80’s so they were long and super strong with rounded tips and they were real. They’d be painted bright reds or pinks mostly. I remember a picture of her holding one of our Siamese cats and all I could see was the red nails through the white fur. Flash forward to today and she still keeps them painted but they are short. Chemo did a number on them and they aren’t as strong as they once were so they don’t grow like they used to. But hey, more than a 20 year survivor so short nails it is.

I have her nails and my father’s fingers. We call them Landon fingers – long and thin. Regardless of being able to grow my nails pretty long I keep them short. And I keep them manicured. Always. And by that I don’t mean I go out and get manicures. I mean that I keep them looking presentable. Always. I’m really good at painting them so I do have them painted a lot but even when I don’t they are kept looking nice. This leads me to my point….

A lady’s nails should always look presentable. And don’t get it twisted, I by no means think of myself as a “lady” but you know what I’m saying. And I know you can’t always keep your nails clean depending on your job; I follow quite a few jewelers on IG and you can see what working on the bench does to their fingers and nails. BUT (I know the word but defeats everything I just said right?) BUT if you are going to PAINT your nails, this is a PSA to you, know when it’s time to remove the polish. PLEASE. My own term for chipped nail polish is dirty whore nails. Terrible right?! But it just looks awful. I feel like it was a trend for a while a few years back. Hollywood starlets running around looking like they just got done digging through the garbage. I don’t get it. Just take it off, it takes less than five minutes. You probably spend more time every day putting on make up or doing your hair to look nice. Personally, I don’t. My hair is so fine I can dry it during the weather channel’s Local on the 8’s and there are days when I go out with no make up on – mostly weekend days. I like to call it no make up Saturday. But my rings are always on and my nail polish is never chipped.

nails2If you do like to paint your nails but seem to find them chipping a lot here are a few tips. Choose a neutral color like white/cream, light pink or gray/tan. You typically can’t see chips as well in these colors. Paint the tips of the nail to seal on the color on top of your nail. Do the same with a good top coat. If you do see a chip at the tip it is acceptable to paint the tip again and buy yourself another day or two. If you have to do something like wash dishes, wear gloves. This is probably the biggest offender for me. Yet I don’t have gloves. This is one of those do as I say not as I do. One last tip and it’s not to help keep polish from chipping it’s just good practice: do not paint your cuticle. This also looks bad because it looks messy. You should start just above the cuticle for a clean look. I see some people on IG posting that they just got their nails done and when I see the cuticle painted I think to myself, you paid for that? Oh girl.

From my standpoint if I’m going to be staring at my rings all day I’d like my hands to look good and that obviously includes my nails. Now the sunspots and kitten scratches…I try to ignore those. Note to myself to be better about putting sunscreen on my  hands. Please ignore the old, worn, torn sweatshirt as well. Today is another full scale comfort operation.

nails and tea

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