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Snow day = sweats. And rings.

On days that I don’t have to leave the house, like today (thank you #winterstormgrayson) I am decked out in my most comfortable sweatpants.

Snow day Winter Storm Grayson

On days that I do have to leave the house believe me I know I am no fashionista, but if I’m just lounging it’s a full scale comfort operation around here. On days that I do have to leave the house but not for work, it’s about a moderate scale comfort operation. If I’m going to the store, running errands or just going to check out the beach, I’m typically in jeans and maybe a baseball hat. I’m almost always lucky enough to see someone I know at the grocery store during these visits. No matter who that person is, he or she has usually just come from the gym and looks great. Awesome.

The one thing I always do though whether lounging or just running to get cat food from the store, is put on at least my rings. Since I typically always have on a necklace or two that is covered. I may or may not put on my diamond studs and maybe a bracelet. Without fail though the rings are chosen. For me, it’s like wearing underwear. I mean I know not everyone wears underwear (why?!?!?!) but this girl does and I liken that to ALWAYS putting on my rings. It’s part of my daily routine. When I have to go to work I usually know what jewelry I’m wearing before I know what clothes I’m wearing.

So today, while I sit snowed in on my couch, I of course have on my wedding ring stack. For the day I also have on 2 bands I often wear on my index finger and I love. I got them at Nordstrom Rack. It’s one great place to find plated jewelry that’s decently made and won’t break the bank. My ring finger stack includes a previously loved gold band I found in a little store in Cape May during a girls’ weekend. It has four little diamonds, one set a quarter way all the way around. In the middle a gold band from someone on my mom’s side of the family but we aren’t sure who. Finally, one half of my mom’s ring guard from her wedding ring set. Since my parents are divorced she gave it to me. And I soooo love it. It’s a tiny little part of my parent’s history regardless of them not being together. It had meaning once to them and it has tons of meaning to me now.

Snow day stack

One last note is that I like to wear pieces that may be a little more delicate when I’m  hanging out at home. I can take them off for whatever reason, like washing my hands, without worrying about them. I’m also not doing anything that could damage them. The band in the middle is so beautiful and has a very delicate hammered affect to it. We know it’s old and I can see tiny cracks in it in some places so when I wear it I’m super careful with it. I do believe you should wear the special pieces and don’t let them just sit in your jewelry box. So for me, a snow day is the perfect day to enjoy it!

snow day band2

2 thoughts on “Snow day = sweats. And rings.

  1. What a fun idea…you inspired me to go put on my great grandma’s ring and earrings…with my leggings and housecoat on this snowy day. Why not add a little sparkle for ME and no one else!

    1. EXCELLENT!!! And you don’t have to worry about losing them if you wear them around the house. Well, hopefully 😉

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