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My Push Gift. To Myself.

So, earlier this year we adopted a kitten. We had lost one of our cats and after a few Patchesmonths, thanks to our other cat’s foster mom we found the perfect little nugget. We got her at only six weeks and she immediately stole everyone’s heart….except for her new brother and sister. They tolerate her. We welcomed Patches Buford Royal in May. Could she have been any cuter? She’s much bigger these days.
More than a year ago, I became an Anna Beck lover. I love the jewelry and that it’s all handmade in Bali and that she gives back. I am always excited to see what her new gem of the season is going to be and what the new designs will look like. She mixes metals which also is one of my favorite things to do with my own jewelry. If you follow this group on social media you also see how much fun they have at work. They also document their travels to the studio in Bali which is cool to see since I’ve never been and not sure it’s somewhere I’ll ever get to. That’s one hell of a flight.
Last spring the collection featured malachite. Be still my heart. I mean, hellooooo!! It’s GREEN. However, I have admired this stone since I was little and way before I became a green!
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I think it’s the deep yet vibrant color and the movement of the stone that I am drawn to. According to Crystals by Jennie Harding, it’s supposed to protect against people who leech your energy. Whoa, a-ha moment. No wonder I am drawn to it. I am an empath so I take on everyone else’s energy around me and often feel people are sucking the life out of me. Okay universe I hear you!
Okay back to the purpose of this post. After we brought Patches home I was admiring the latest Anna Beck collection featuring rings, necklaces, braAnneBeckMalachitecelets and earrings made with beautifully cut and polished malachite. My husband and I decided a while ago we only wanted 4 legged furry children. So no baby showers for me (thank God). And, no push gifts. DAMNIT! I love any reason for my husband to buy me jewelry! But I’m a modern woman so I buy a lot (A LOT) myself. So I bought myself my first push gift. Just like when Carrie Bradshaw registered for her shoes although she didn’t have to buy those herself. I figured why not? I really didn’t need a reason but I thought it was a pretty good one.


4 thoughts on “My Push Gift. To Myself.

  1. Beautiful Green Gift to yourself, Mary! Love your fun, sparkly blog!
    MTM -who also loves shiny things that go on your wrist, neck, ears and fingers!!!!

      1. I still remember you liking malachite and lapis lazuli when we were young. What a cool ring!!!!

      2. Yes I still do! The colors are so vibrant!

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