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Welcome to my first blog! I plan to talk about all things jewelry and probably a few other random things that come to mind. I seem to have tons of random thoughts throughout the day. I often hear Deeeep Thoughts by Mary Green in my head. I know you remember it from the SNL skit.

So, to start this off I’ll talk about where I get my deep love of jewelry. It dates back to before I can actually remember. Seriously. I had a baby signet ring that I lost at the roller skating rink in elementary school and I still remember what it looked like with its dainty M on it. I continue to feel the disappointment of losing it to this day probably close to 30 years later. I also still have a baby birthstone ring that I wore so much that I had to have the amethyst replaced because it was so beat up. It’s ironic that as I write this I realize my two main memories of my childhood jewelry are about rings!

My main influence comes from my mom. When I was growing up she always had these rings on. Diamonds. They weren’t huge or flashy but she always had them on. Her diamond engagement ring and the ring guard that surrounded it. Her three stone diamond pinky ring. Gold. Ironically again, rings.

She had this jewelry box. I swear light from the heavens shown down on it every time I opened it. Even though I knew every piece that was in it and exactly where it was kept in the jewelry box, it seemed like a new adventure every time I went into it. I would sneak out gold hoop earrings and put them on on my way to school. She had no idea until a friend accidentally commented that she had seen me wearing them in front of her. I got a stern look. Pretty sure I lied and said my friend was kidding. No doubt she was convinced by my Oscar worthy performance.

She has more jewelry now than I could ever keep up with and her taste has totally changed from when I was a kid. Her collection now includes previously loved pieces, thrift store finds and pieces found on deep discount at local stores. But it’s still fun to go to her house and rummage through all of her drawers, boxes, shelves, boxes, trays and baskets of baubles. These days I’m allowed to borrow things. I don’t though because we have very different taste in jewelry. sparkel

She’s more silver, funky and chunky and I’m gold, trendy and layered. I will say we both love sparkle in every sense of the word. I know I get that from her along with my love of and inability to share French fries. So when I saw this pillow I had to have it. To put among the other pillows on my porch that have sparkle on them. And believe me I never thought I’d be someone who A) was into pillows and B) wanted to spread sparkle around the house like glitter. I don’t though because let’s face it my house is not a strip club even though my husband thinks Miss Mary’s is the perfect name for one.

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